Comfort Crate: Empowering Cancer Patients with Monthly Care Packages

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, patients often endure a myriad of side effects and emotional challenges that greatly affect their physical and mental well-being. As a patient with stage 4B Hodgkin lymphoma, I experienced multiple difficulties in finding products that could effectively alleviate the side effects of treatment and was disappointed by the lack of assistance from doctors. This personal struggle led me to create Comfort Crate. A beacon of hope for cancer patients, by transforming how patients combat side effects and find comfort during treatment.

My Cancer Journey:

My cancer journey began when I was diagnosed with stage 4B Hodgkin lymphoma several years ago. Throughout my 6 months of chemotherapy, I faced various side effects, including nausea, fatigue, hair loss, skin sensitivities, and emotional distress. Although medical professionals provided valuable guidance, I was dissatisfied with the lack of knowledge or alternative solutions. It became apparent that the medical community had limited resources and time to dedicate to day-to-day side effects management.

The Struggle and Solution:

When conducting research into products that reduce side effects, I discovered that when you go to "Google," you are unsure of where to begin, or whether the information you find is trustworthy or safe. Navigating through countless brands and options became overwhelming. Along with not having the energy, time or funds to risk a product that could worsen my side effects.

Recognising that I couldn't be alone in this struggle, I was determined to make a change that would improve the quality of life for others fighting cancer. I realised that a platform capable of gathering tried and tested solutions from fellow cancer patients could truly make a difference. This is why Comfort Crate was born – a platform dedicated to curating monthly care packages tailored to cancer patients' needs.

How Comfort Crate Helps Cancer Patients Ease Side Effects:

Comfort Crate has emerged as a one-stop solution, offering a comprehensive range of tried and tested products and guide books designed to alleviate chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects. Each month, our expert team selects a variety of soothing and comforting items tailored to address common side effects experienced by cancer patients. Through mindfulness & wellness, nutrition, comfort, gadgets, and skincare patients can manage their side effects effectively. Along with a guidebook filled with natural techniques for navigating everyday life.

Tried and Tested Products:

What sets Comfort Crate apart from other care packages is its emphasis on sourcing products and techniques. Me and my team work closely with cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors to understand what helps them through their cancer journey. From testing products from the most respected brands before approval to learning natural techniques like pressure points and yoga. We help ensure our customers that every product and guide included in our care packages is of the highest quality and truly something you can trust.

Community Support:

Comfort Crate subscribers not only benefit from our monthly crates but also find comfort in the knowledge that our cancer community is at the heart of our success. Our community is built on support and encouragement to help patients connect with others with similar experiences. The platform provides various avenues for dialogue and connection among users, including forums to share tips and advice, blogs to learn more about side effects and also sharing their knowledge and experiences of products that have alleviated their own side effects, and provide insights into their effectiveness.

We make easing side effects affordable

Cancer treatment can be extremely expensive through lifestyle changes, travel, supportive care, and time spent away from work. This is why researching and testing products for easing side effects is overlooked by most cancer patients. It is made even harder by prices ranging from £10 to £1000's, creating a challenge to afford several products each month, especially if the product is inappropriate.

With this in mind, I chose to source products from various brands that specialise in relief from different side effects. By partnering with these brands, I could offer a wide range of products to address specific side effects, helping customers to find the most suitable product for them. Along with a subscription model, Comfort Crate can provide these products at a discounted rate compared to purchasing individually. Subscribers receive a box of products each month, saving money and time.

Aside from that, Comfort Crate also includes additional resources and educational materials in each box, such as tips, guides, and informational brochures. This is to help subscribers better understand and manage their side effects. This further enhances the value and affordability of our service by providing our subscribers with the knowledge and tools to effectively cope with their side effects.


Comfort Crate is more than just a monthly care package service; it is a lifeline for cancer patients seeking relief from side effects. Inspired by my own journey with stage 4B Hodgkin lymphoma, I established this platform with the aim of making the lives of fellow cancer fighters a little more comfortable. By focusing on the tried and tested products and techniques shared by our compassionate cancer community, Comfort Crate continues to play a vital role in easing side effects and empowering cancer patients throughout their treatment journey.

Inside our monthly care packages:

The contents of each crate are continuously refined based on feedback from our community. This ensures that our packages remain relevant, effective, and reassuring for cancer patients.

how to support someone with cancer

Our monthly subscriptions are £35 with free delivery. Included in our crates are five full-size tried and tested products, a welcome guide filled with tips and tricks, yoga cards, two reusable puzzle sheets, motivational quote cards, and discounts.

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