How a PICC line is fitted - Cancer treatment tips - Chemotherapy - Radiotherapy - life hacks

How a PICC line is fitted

Having a PICC line can be a scary thought, but knowing what to expect will help lower your anxiety.  PICC stands for 'Peripherally Inserted Centra...

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How to create a chemo kit - Chemotherapy tips - cancer treatment - side effects - self help - mental health

How to Create a Chemo Kit

Not knowing what to expect, what to bring or how you will feel on your first day of chemo, can become very daunting. We all know chemo can be overw...

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disability passport template for cancer treatment. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Creating a Hospital Passport

It is possible that you have other disabilities that your doctors and nurses are unaware of. Throughout your cancer journey you will see multiple ...

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self care during cancer treatment - chemotherapy - radiotherapy - tips and tricks - mental health

Self Care

Why is self care important?  We are all less able to handle the stresses that come our way when we're depleted by physical and emotional exhaustio...

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