Understanding and Coping with Chemo Brain: Strategies and Natural Treatments

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    Individuals experiencing  chemo brain often face challenges with concentration and memory problems. While memory issues are generally temporary, recovery times can vary significantly from person to person. For some, it may take a year or longer to return to pre-treatment cognitive function. Although there's currently no cure for chemo brain, various strategies exist to alleviate its symptoms. Explore effective natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments to manage chemo brain in this informative blog. 

    What Causes Chemo Brain?

    Chemo brain, a term used to describe cognitive difficulties following chemotherapy, occurs for a variety of reasons. Chemotherapy drugs, designed to target rapidly dividing cancer cells, can also affect healthy cells, including those in the brain. This can lead to cognitive impairments. Additionally, the overall stress of dealing with a cancer diagnosis and the physical strain from treatment can contribute to mental fatigue and cognitive challenges. The body's immune response to cancer and its treatments may also play a role, as inflammation and changes in blood flow to the brain can affect cognitive function. While the causes are still being studied, they all play a part in chemo brain.

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    Chemo Brain Treatment

    • Avoid Distractions: Create a calm environment to enhance focus and concentration.

    • Organise Your Environment: Keep belongings in familiar places for easy access.

    • Train Yourself to Focus: Take advantage of verbal cues and mental imagery to enhance memory.

    • Listen to Music: Boost dopamine production with music to reduce anxiety and depression.

    • Engage in Practical Activities: Ground yourself in the present moment with sensory experiences like arts and crafts.

    • Bond with Pets: Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of spending time with pets to reduce stress and boost happiness.

    • Use Reminders: Use detailed planners, notebooks, or smartphone apps to stay organised and remember important tasks. 


    Symptoms of cognitive changes can be frustrating and debilitating, especially when cancer and cancer treatment cause other side effects. You might suffer from anaemia, depression, sleep problems, and anxiety that worsen your memory. By controlling these side effects, you may cope better with chemo brain.

    • Anaemia: Consume iron-rich foods paired with vitamin C to enhance iron absorption.

    • Sleep Problems: Increase exposure to bright light during the day and practice relaxation techniques for better sleep quality.

    • Fatigue: Maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated, and incorporate exercise into your routine to combat fatigue.

    • Stress: Manage stress through activities like yoga, deep breathing, and aromatherapy to promote relaxation.

    Chemo brain can be challenging, but with the right strategies and support, its symptoms can be managed successfully. Incorporate natural treatments and lifestyle adjustments into your routine to alleviate cognitive changes and enhance overall well-being during cancer treatment and beyond.

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