Soothing Yoga Poses for Cancer Patients: Relief from Nausea and Stress

When nausea strikes, it is difficult to focus on anything else or make it through the day. Medications or certain foods can sometimes relieve feelings of sickness, but alongside yoga, you can help prevent nausea or alleviate the symptoms.

Yoga for Chemo Nausea: How It Helps

Yoga acts as a therapy for the health of both mind and body. You can get rid of the problem of nausea by doing the right yoga poses. Do not be disappointed if you do not get results in a day or one or two weeks. This is a long-term technique that you can learn throughout treatment and recovery

Yoga enhances blood circulation. As a result, your body is able to circulate oxygen more effectively. This will rejuvenate and refresh your system. By practicing regularly, imbalances can be regulated and toxins can be eliminated. Relief from nausea is provided by this method, as it reduces the sensations that nausea brings along with it.

Yoga Poses for Nausea

Viparita Karani - Legs up the wall

This pose removes stress and fatigue in minutes. It calms your body while regulating imbalances. Your stomach is well oxygenated, and nausea is reduced. Start by lying on the floor. Move hips close to the wall as possible, then walk feet up the wall until your body is in a L shaped position. 

Supta Virasana
This is one of the most effective yoga poses for nausea. This is because the weight of the diaphragm is lifted off the liver and stomach, which gives them more space and time to recuperate. Your body is relaxed, and stress and tension are relieved. When you combine the pose with deep breathing, you will feel better instantly. 

All you have to do to perform this asana is kneel down and rest your sitting bones between your legs on the ground. Your buttocks should not rest on your legs.




Deep Breathing 
Yoga and deep breathing relieves nausea by relaxing pressure on the abdomen and diaphragm. Nausea can feel out of our control. Breathing techniques can help us take back some of that control over our body to cope with nausea's physical implications.

Start by sitting cross-legged on the floor. Close your eyes and deeply inhale and exhale. Breathe in slowly, hold it for a while, and exhale slowly, keeping your eyes closed. Breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes. Repeat the exercise if required.


Ardha Matsyendrasana - Seated Spinal Twist
This pose stimulates peristalsis (the muscular wave-like movement that forces contents throughout the digestive system), improves digestion and helps relieve constipation. Seated spinal twist increases circulation of blood and oxygen to the spine and skeletal muscular system along the spine. 

Start by sitting cross-legged on the floor. And Breathe deeply On the exhale, slowly twist your body to look over your right shoulder. Place your left hand on your right knee and your right hand behind your body. Breathe deeply and hold The stretch.



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