how to care for your scalp during cancer treatment - chemotherapy - radiotherapy - side effects - tips and tricks

How to Care for your Scalp

Cancer treatment can impact the skin in a range of different ways, and this includes your scalp. You may experience your scalp feeling hot, itchy,...

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chemo hair loss tips • headscarf styles • how to tie a headscarf • cancer treatment • chemotherapy

Head Scarf Styles

The versatility of head scarves makes them an excellent choice for hair loss. They come in many colours and patterns, making them easy to match an...

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Chemo hair loss stages timeline - chemotherapy - cancer help - cancer treatment side effects - life hacks

Stages of Hair Loss

Losing hair is the most challenging part of treatment for both men and women. Hair loss can be interpreted as a sign of cancer for many. The majori...

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Coping after hair loss - Cancer Treatment - Chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Coping After Hair Loss

You might not think about how important your hair is until you face losing it. Both men and women report hair loss as one of the side effects they...

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