the new normal - life after cancer treatment

The 'New Normal'

The end of treatment is a time to be celebrated. However, many people say while they felt they had lots of information and support during their il...

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yoga poses for nausea during cancer treatment - chemotherapy - radiotherapy

Yoga for Nausea

When nausea strikes, it is hard to focus on anything else or make it through the day. Medications or certain foods can sometimes relieve feelings ...

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how to care for your scalp during cancer treatment - chemotherapy and radiotherapy

How to Care for your Scalp

Cancer treatment can impact the skin in a range of different ways, and this includes your scalp. You may experience your scalp feeling hot, itchy,...

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Lymphoedema and skincare - Life after Cancer treatment - Chemotherapy

Lymphoedema and Skincare

eatThe lymphatic system plays a very important part in the way that the body functions. It acts as a waste disposal unit to help drain away fluid,...

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